Photography Packages

All of our photography packages include the delivery of a private, online viewing gallery with full personal use printing rights of all provided images & extra print ordering capabilities. Our sessions range & vary, but most sessions include one photographer in your pets home or other natural environment. Our goal is to capture them in their comfortable, familiar surroundings to find their unique personalities in each session. An average shoot is between 1.5-2 hours long and will result with a collection of edited images unless.

Rates include the photo session time, as well as a thorough editing process & private gallery creation. You are not required to purchase any additional items or prints. A 50% deposit is due upon reservation, with the remainder required prior to the shoot date.

If you have any questions or special requests, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Single-Subject Sessions


1.5-2 hour shoot
55+ edited images with full, personal printing rights

This is the perfect option to focus on your solo pet or to welcome in a new family member. These shoots will have one primary pet focus for the entire shoot. If that subject interacts with any others, we will be happy to capture those moments as they come. For those interested in capturing other pets & family members, you may consider the Family Session package instead.

Family Sessions

1.5-2.5 hour shoot
65+ edited images with full, personal printing rights

The family session is a great option for those seeking family shoots or paired portraits. If you have multiple pets, this package covers them all! We'll photograph your furry family in their natural states & allow them to tell their tales together. All pets will be featured & shot individually, as well as in their natural states of sleep or play, together! We can try to pose your pets for some shots together, but as always, your pets will have the final say!

*Families over 5 subjects will require a customized quote.

Double | Triple Pack Sessions

These session packages allow you to group your photo sessions together and save over 15-20%! You can document the growth of your family with these packages & they're perfect for capturing your newest, young additions!

Dawn Double

The triple pack collects memories to last a lifetime from puppyhood & kittendom, through teen & adult stages. Time flies by fast, especially in that first year!

Zoey Triset


45min shoot
Pre-determined public location on selected dates
Advance sign-up required
45+ edited images with full, personal printing rights

Mini-sessions are created & setup in a pre-determined, public location in advance. All mini-session participants must book in advance for the selected date. Dates & shoot locations are announced more than a month in advance through our social networks & pages, so be sure to follow us everywhere!

Mini-session shoots are most idea for dogs & their families. All pets & participants must meet at the selected location and their scheduled appointment time for the shoot to take place. Any requests or location ideas are gladly accepted, just let us know!


Dog Water Sessions

1.5-2.5 hour shoot
Securing pool location/use is up to the client
Single or multiple subjects
65+ edited images with full, personal printing rights

We are excited to announce the availability of our new, GoPro style, poolside water shoots! All Summer bookings may receive and introductory discount of up to 15% off.

Water shoots are great for dogs that love to swim and enjoy playing by the poolside! These sessions are tons of fun and can be flexible based on location, time, & your specific needs/requests. You never know exactly what to expect, except for some great, fresh shots, crisp & clear, of your pet at an angle we can rarely experience & capture.

*NEW* Land & Sea Sessions

2.5-4.5 hour shoot
Locations agreed upon in advance for back to back scheduling
Single or multiple subjects
75+ edited images with full, personal printing rights

We are now offering these new, extended photo shoots that go from land to sea, providing your pups with a full afternoon of fun, along with offering a wide variety of locations & scenery in your photos! As an introduction, we're offering a limited time discount offer of 15% off, but you have to act fast!

Standing Discounts

Discount packages are available when photo sessions are combined with Pet Sitting reservations.
Pet Photography discount of 10% is also available to any new rescue/adopted pet (within 3 months).
Currently active animal rescue/volunteer discounts are always available.
Client referral program is available to receive a free photography session.